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Institutional Class Analytics... at retail prices

Through automated processes, clever system designs and the use of latest web technologies, we are able to offer our users the complete experience of Institutional Level Research and analytics at everyday prices. 


Rs. 16,999
Paid Yearly
Excludes GST

Everything in BASIC plus:

Client Section

Easily add and manage client portfolios

Portfolio Analytics

Run analytics on client portfolios

Portfolio rolling returns

Portfolio return distribution analysis

Portfolio Contribution

Portfolio Correlations

Portfolio scenario analysis

Portfolio drawdown analysis

Portfolio Beta/Correlations

Client Share links

Create one-click share-links to send to your clients who can run analytics on their portfolios on any computer

Portfolio PDF, PPT and exports

Create portfolio PDF and PPT reports

Download portfolio exposures


Get in touch for pricing

Everything in LITE plus:

Co-branded PDF and PPT reports

Your company logo on all reports

Free updates

Free access to all new future releases

Premium Support

Premium Support on email 

Speak directly to the Tech teams


Multi-asset portfolios

CDSL, NSDL and CAMS PDF uploads 

Compare two portfolios side-by-side

Custom Securities

Create and keep your own security master

Full strength analytics on custom securities

Client Data Integration

Automatic update from RTA. 

Daily data sync with select back-office software companies.

The following price is annual, per-login and non-refundable.

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