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We offer a heavily discounted version for students studying at school or university who have a keen interest in the financial markets and want to take the initiative and learn about research and analytics before they begin their journey towards a successful financial career. 


Watch real-time movements of major Indian and world Indices and get a feel for how markets react to events around the world

Add any index to a chart and see relative and absolute performance over time to understand and learn about historical market changes

Download index data in Excel and start learning about how to start basic numerical analysis

NGEN Markets Overview


Get all relevant financial news and articles in once place

Quickly look at news items within certain categories

Easily search using a keyword for instant results

NGEN Markets News Aggregator

research portfolios the right way

Easily create and save portfolios of Mutual Funds and Stocks​

Instantly run portfolio back-testing on your portfolios

Clearly see and understand your underlying security exposures from Mutual Fund Holdings​

On-the-fly correlation analysis to check overlapping positions and diversification

Rolling Analysis, Scenario Analysis, Drawdowns, Beta Analysis and much more


One-click white-labelled PDF report of your portfolios

Download any data table straight to Excel

NGEN Portfolios

discover, screen and compare funds

Screen across all Indian Mutual Funds using several easy-to-use filters and column choosers

One-click screenshot or Excel download of screener results

Compare any number of funds side-by-side

Check which funds currently hold a particular stock of debt security 

NGEN Funds

extensively analyse mutual funds

Extensively Analyse any Indian Mutual Funds with the latest NAV and holding data

Check asset allocation, peer analysis and funds manager information

Analyse funds returns using rolling analysis, scenario analysis, drawdowns and beta/correlation 

Instantly print white-labelled PDF reports for any Mutual Fund

Download any data in excel or take screenshots to share with your clients

NGEN Portfolio Optimiser
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