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Release Update 2.30

New COMPARE section

· The Funds->Compare tab has now been moved out as a new Compare section and it now allows Funds, Stocks, Indices, and custom securities to be added for comparison.

· The multi security rolling returns section now shows colour coded legends alongside each security to match with chart on the right.

· The multi security rolling returns section now shows two extra columns as Range (distance between best and worst rolling period) and +ve % (what percentage of rolling periods were greater than 0). These will also be available in the excel download.

· The multi security rolling returns section now allows the start date to go before the minimum common start date. Any items that do not have enough data will not show results. This will help users when there are one or two new funds/stocks in their list which then used to restrict the time-period allowed for rolling analysis.

· One week added (as a 5-day return) to the first ‘MAIN LIST’ tab.

· You can now select/deselect any columns in the first ‘MAIN LIST’ tab.

CLIENTS section

· A small widget on the dashboard now lets you search through all existing clients to see which of them have exposure to any Mutual fund.

· All CAMS data is now updated within a one to two day interval – this will keep your client data updated on a more regular basis. We are also looking at increasing the frequency of KARVY data updates – which is currently done on weekends only.

· Fundexpert integrated clients that have multiple ARNs will now show clients as one portfolio across ARNs recognized using their PAN number instead of showing up as different clients.


· Nifty 500 TRI was added as a benchmark index available to all analytics as well as the compare section.

· Nifty 500 Multicap 50:25:25 was added as a benchmark index available to all analytics as well as the compare section.

· When downloading the latest holdings of any fund, you will also get the Market cap category (Large/Mid/Small cap) in excel for any stocks.

· Individual Fund Analytics now shows ‘Average Market Cap’ in the top section.

· All Mutual Fund and portfolio PDFs now get downloaded with the relevant security name as the file name for ease of organisation.

· We released a new HELP section with answers to many common questions – see top right of application. We urge you to have a look in case you have any issues. You can search through the available information and there are clear explanations with screenshots and videos in many of the articles.

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