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Release Update 4.87

1. RTA settings can now be managed from the settings section directly from within your login. You can add or edit your RTA details here. Please note that you should add one RTA source for both CAMS and Karvy files. These settings will be reflected on the list of clients shown in the RTA Connection tab in the Clients section.

2. You can now download category averages history from Funds->Category Averages

3. The Point-to-Point tab in Compare->Compare Securities now has an option to use a lumpsum amount to check final values based on your date inputs.

4. NGEN Charting: New tool available in the Launch Tools menu in NGEN Markets. We have integrated with a third-party provider to bring technical analysis for any security within NGEN Markets. There are several options on the left panel of this chart to add various technical indicators, chart labels and other advanced charting functions.

5. We have now added Simple and compounded excess returns to the performance statistics tab for all analytics

6. When updating data for custom securities, NGEN Markets will automatically check for weekends and warn the user.

7. We have added an option to add a watermark to Fund and Portfolio PDFs.

8. As a result of multiple requests from users, we have now manually changed the top-level category of Equity/Debt Index funds and Equity/Debt ETFs from Other to Equity/Debt. Please note that SEBU still categorises these funds on the top level as Other and not Equity/Debt.

9. The screener category selection box now also shows the number of funds (primary funds only) for each category before you make your selection.

10. Portfolio Compare screenshots were cutting of bottom parts of the screen – this has now been fixed

11. Portfolio Improve can sometimes fail to provide a solution in specific cases – this will now show an error message. Please write to with your portfolio details if you face this issue.

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