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1. We now include benchmark returns in top level stats for all analytics screens->performance tab for Mutual Funds and Portfolios

2. All PDF reports (small, medium, and large) now show benchmark returns alongside the asset returns in a new column.

3. The Mutual Fund holding overlap screen now loads when you run portfolios. As a result, it is no longer necessary to take a portfolio to the compare section just to check fund holding overlaps. Please note that stocks and indices will be ignored.

4. For balanced advantage funds with derivative short positions, we now also show the total (not just count) of these positions in the Asset Allocation tab in individual Fund analytics.

5. The Rolling Analysis tab in Compare Securities now also includes the Weighted Probability Return in the excel download provided.

6. We have made several improvements to the Statement Analyser parsing functionality to reduce errors when uploading CAS statements. Please note that this is always a moving target, and we will endeavour to address any issues – please do let us know on if you have any problems.

7. We fixed a bug where PPT export from Compare Securities can cause issues with only one fund.

8. We now provide historical data for the NSE Infrastructure Index and the BSE CD Index.

9. The portfolio compare section, rolling returns tab now shows the number of working days for the two periods shown.

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