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  • We now have a new ‘AMC’ tab in the funds section. This shows the current AMCs in India and their total AUM and number of primary funds along with average risk and return statistics. You can filter these averages and totals using top level asset classes of funds to get a better idea of the general performance of individual fund houses.


  • You now have the option to change the analytics for individual funds and portfolios by adding an end date. This will help in analysing certain periods in full detail by running complete analytics for a specific period. Please note that certain tabs which always show latest information will be disabled when using a custom end date.


  • The Point-to-Point tab in the Compare Securities section now has the option to instantly create a bar chart comparing performance of the securities in your compare list for any of the five available periods. This works for any of the provided options of lumpsum value, CAGR or absolute return. There is also a screenshot option for this chart.


  • The Point-to-Point tab in the Compare Securities section now provides a CAGR option.


  • The ‘Main list’ tab in the Compare Securities section now downloads NGEN Fund scores in the provided Excel download.


  • The benchmark name in PDF reports now include composition information when using Reference Indices.


  • The drilldown window in the Holding Analysis tab in the Funds section now provides an Excel download for the list of funds holding a particular stock or sector.


  • You can now sort using NGEN Funds Score in the ‘Main List’ tab of the Compare Securities section.


  • You can now rename folders in the portfolio section. Please use the edit icon provided next to the folder names.


  • The ‘Delete Portfolio’ button is now also provided when editing portfolios in the portfolio section. Please note that you will have to provide confirmation before the portfolio is permanently deleted.


  • We added a TER column in the ‘Stats’ tab in all portfolio analytics.


  • We added a download button to the ‘Stats’ tab in portfolio analytics to get all the statistics shown in Excel.


  • NGEN Funds scores now show in the Clients section and the Portfolio section, next to each fund name.

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