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  • We had recently made changes to the platform so that you get logged out automatically after a while – but this was causing issues for users that log in multiple times during the day. To address this, we have introduced a new ‘one-click’ login feature. Please go to Settings->Security. Here you can generate a permanent link which will automatically log you into NGEN Markets. You can also copy this link and add it manually to your browser bookmarks for ease of logging in.

Please keep this link secure and do not share with anyone. 




  • We added a new tab in the Compare Securities section which shows calendar months over time in a table or chart view for all securities in your compare list. You can also download this data.

  • The Compare Securities section main list now shows columns for Shorts (%), Net Equity (%) and total number of holdings.

  • The Compare Securities main list Excel option now only downloads columns that you have selected as visible.

  • We added Sortino ratio in the Compare Securities main list.

  • The Compare Securities Rolling Analysis tab now also shows a count – this is the number of rolling periods that were found based on your start and end dates.

  • The Compare Securities main list now has Up and Down Capture ratios in the relative return columns. Please note that these will be against one selected common benchmark.

  • The monthly SIP tab in the Compare Securities section now has a ‘Invested Value’ column which is also included in the Excel download.

  • We have reorganised the saved Compare list to give you a clearer view where you can filter only your lists (by hiding the compare lists of other logins within your organisation).




  • When running ‘Load Multiple Clients’ in the client section, you can now download an Excel file and add all funds to compare for the consolidated family portfolio.

  • We now show an error message whenever you run a portfolio where the sum of the percentage weights is not 100% (with a 1% margin).

  • We added an optional password for all PDF downloads. You can set a default value for this password in the Settings section – this will mean that this password will be auto populated for all PDF reports, but this can be edited on-the-fly if required.

  • We added benchmark stats to all portfolio and fund PowerPoint reports (see the Performance slide).

  • When running the portfolio optimiser, we now show a lumpsum row so you can see the resultant value of a 1 Lakh investment for each of the suggested portfolios.

  • Concentration analysis now ignores Cash related items in holdings, to give you a more relevant view of top 3, 5, 10 and 20 exposure totals.

  • We have removed legends from the charts showing Market Cap allocation when printing PDF reports for Portfolio Comparisons to increase clarity.

  • We have removed legends from the Fund Category pie chart within Asset Allocation for Portfolio analytics to help readability.

  • Scenario Analysis now provides an Excel download to get data for any selected scenario out in Excel.

  • When generating desktop share links for portfolio analytics, you can now set options for:

  • Locking start and end dates.

  • Reducing the number of days the link is active for. Max is 7.

  • Hide NGEN Funds Scores from the portfolio link.




  • The screener now also shows the number of funds that your filters have produced (see right next to the ‘Top’ dropdown).

  • Custom security additions will now no longer stop uploads when weekends are included in the uploaded data – NGEN Markets will ignore weekends and upload the remaining data.

  • When adding funds from the Screener to the Compare section, you will now a see green ‘tick’ confirming that is has been added. If there are any funds already added to your compare list, these funds will show a green tick in the Fund Screener.

  • The Fund screener now has additional columns for Shorts (%), Net Equity (%) and total number of holdings.




  • Fixed an issue when optimising portfolio weights for portfolios with custom securities.

  • Fixed an issue with alignment in the Stats tab of Portfolio Analytics when stocks are part of the portfolio.

  • Fixed an issue in PowerPoint reports where the ‘Foreign Equity’ label was disoriented.


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